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Ayurveda massage therapy treatments are medicine.  Traditionally never considered a treat,  but always a part of the remedy to return to balance and health.

If you want to improve your health and feel renewed and rejuvenated,  Ayurveda knows exactly how to do this for you. Ayurveda’s medicine is as old as the milk baths of Cleopatra, and just as divinely glorious as she is portrayed.

Traditional Ayurveda massage therapy cultivates calm and happiness by correcting the Pranic flow in your body. You can consider it, like changing the oil of a car…but a bit more vital.

Side-effects? Well, the side effects of Ayurveda massage therapy treatments are inner stillness, quiet of the mind, correct body function, removal of toxins(which sometimes may give you a headache or other such forces of toxin removal).

At Kelly’s Ayurvedic Spa, I offer a healing space for renewal and rejuvenation.

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Contact Kelly for nourishment and healing yourself. Phone or WhatsApp 353 86 1778369

Kelly’s Ayurvedic Spa has an eclectic range of Ayurveda massage therapy treatments that are adjusted to your unique dosha needs. An Introductory Offer is now available for all treatments, €5 off each massage:

1. Ayurveda Abhyanga or full body massage treatments (For female clients only)

This is the first treatment to relieve stress, anxiety and imbalance or the best treatment for Vata Vikriti and Prakriti.

We use warmed oil to soothe the nervous system as the repetitive action of the Ayurveda body massage creates a softening to the jarring of daily living. If you know Yoga, this is similar to the practice of Pratyhara…during these unique techniques, the senses relax, the mind becomes as calm as a silent lake, and the intuition is awakened.

The medicinal Ayurveda dosha balancing oils, specific for each body type, are used for all Ayurveda treatments except Pranic massage.

The specialised Ayurveda organic warmed oil massage improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, balances energy levels and muscle fatigue.

Ayurveda massage therapy corrects dryness in the body(anti-aging), stiffness, fatigue and stress related symptoms. 

Kelly recommends always for best long term outcome, this treatment should be a series of three within three weeks. When you take three, you understand why it is important.

When you take one treatment, it is like the most relaxing massage you came across.

When you come for treatment two within seven days of your first, you feel the changes setting seed, and the toxins begin to exit, as the energy begins to flow better.

When you take three within seven days of your second treatment, you feel the change is transformational. The energy creates equilibrium and your mind sees through the lens of equanimity and creativity flows. (For a temporary period of time.)

No joke.

Its powerful medicine.

Its traditional science. Its you healing yourself. 

Duration: 90 -100 minutes

 Cost: €85 

Please note: Kelly Marie Mills reserves the right to change a treatment according to what is presenting at the time. The client is welcome to cancel or reschedule if a change of treatment is necessary. 

2. Shiro Abhyanga or Ayurvedic head massage

This is head and neck acupressure massage, using warmed balancing Ayurvedic oil for your dosha. Head massage is given in most treatments but not all.

This treatment is specific to just the whole head, neck and shoulders. Immediate stress reduction, mental clarity and relief from insomnia, sleep imbalance, nervous disorders.

Aids hormonal balance, mental clarity, mental focus and better breathing. (Due to the energy pressure points on the head, treatments work deep into the whole functioning of the body.)

Duration  60 – 90 minutes

Cost: €65 – € 85

3. Mukhabhyanga or Ayurvedic face-lift massage

This is a Ayurvedic warmed  balancing oil facial massage for your dosha, (Kelly’s recommended favourite!)

Includes neck, shoulders and head massage. Helps with insomnia, stress, lymphatic drainage, restless overactive mind, loss of hair, headaches, and intestinal ailments. Also relieves stiffness of head, neck and shoulders, plus improves circulation which reduces future wrinkles.

Duration: 60 – 90  minutes

Cost: €65 – €85

4. Padabhyanga or Ayurvedic foot massage

We use warmed Ayurvedic balancing oil for your dosha, massaging left and right leg, foot and toes. The procedure includes acupressure to release toxicity and induce stress relief. Includes a head massage.

Duration: 60 minutes 

Cost: €65

5. Hastabhyanga or Ayurvedic hand massage

We use warmed Ayurvedic balancing oil for your dosha, massaging your left and right arm, hand and finger. It also includes acupressure to release toxicity and induce stress relief. Includes a head massage.

Duration: 60 minutes

Costs: €65

6. Nabhi Abhyanga or Abdominal massage

This is a warm oil massage aimed at the Hara centre, the Solar plexus and any imbalance in the abdominal and lower back area.

It can be added to any body massage with a discount or can also be taken just as a stand-alone treatment, with a head massage as a part of the session.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: €65 

7. Shirodhara

A traditional treatment most know as mildly warm oil poured over your head. It can be one of the most soothing of all treatments, which includes a neck, face and head massage before the treatment, and sometimes during too.

Shirodhara is for an overactive mind or reactive emotional responses, it is for releasing past patterns and developing a better connection to your internal authentic voice. It helps all imbalances that show as agitation of the mind, difficulty sleeping, insomnia, tinnitus, stress and neck problems.

This treatment works best through repeated practice, as the benefits increase exponentially within a shorter amount of time. Best benefit comes with three sessions within 3 weeks.

You also receive a bottle of Ayurvedic body oil to use for Auto Abhyangha.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Three treatments within three weeks includes a bottle of oil to take home: €175

8. Marmani/Acupressure Massage

This acupressure massage can be done both with or without oil to release emotional, mental and physical blocked energy or working on correcting the movement of the vayus.

This is a massage of the energetic meeting points of the body, a different but similar form of Shiatsu. Among many benefits, it removes toxicity, reducing anxiety, insomnia and improving lymphatic flow. It is excellent for specific ailments or a general treatment for re-balancing Prana. Kelly often combines Marma massage within the Body Massage treatments she offers throughout her practice.

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes 

Cost: €65 – €85

9. Chakra balancing massage

We use a warm oil gentle massage for the whole body with a focus on the Chakra system and their unique functions.

Duration: 90 – 100 minutes

Cost: €85 

10. Ayurveda Half Day Spa 

If you need time to adjust to the pace of your life right now…or perhaps you need to slow the pace down to a stop, Kelly’s Ayurvedic Half Day Spa retreat is a solid answer in true self care. You stop and leave the rest to Ayurveda’s wisdom. Kelly is here to support your body as it begins to renew and find its own vitality again. Click here for more information

Can’t decide? Generally, the best ‘first’ massage is Traditional Abhyanga, full-body massage.

You won’t regret it. 

If you need further advice or you are a male client, just give me a quick call and we can discuss what will suit you best at this time. 

Contact Kelly by phone or WhatsApp 353 86 1778369

What better way to offer help, than offering your hands to someone? 

Go gently,

Kelly Marie Mills                                   

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