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Dosha Quiz

What dosha am I?


Dreams are a part of the mental rubbish getting kicked out the door.

The dosha quiz is here.

Click here to answer the question…what will a dosha quiz tell me right now?💝

YEESH! This dosha quiz had my adrenaline running high, its uncomfortable. ‘My palms are sweaty…’ it involves all the doshas bashing, banging and clattering around in my body and brain. Why?

Because this baby is done! The Dosha quiz if ready.

Honestly…it is not a quiz. A quiz in its format denotes right or wrong answers. In Ayurveda and Yoga, a dosha quiz is an anomaly. There is no right or wrong in Ayurveda, it is a study of life itself not a test on what is the best dosha to have. Because they, all three doshas are required to life in wellness, to have health, find happiness, to live with Ayurveda and Yoga as tools of living the dosha life.  

The dosha life quiz is a questionnaire, a self study tool to use anytime. Especially this first quiz. It is short. It has 14 questions. I hope it makes you smile. Do send me your thoughts. I love feedback. If you get some randomness showing up, no doubt it is cause of a mistake on my part, so please let me know. Learning how to make a dosha quiz has just frazzled every dhatu, every cell in my brain. But now I can say, yah, I did that alright!  

The answers ask for your email. It should be aligned with my newsletter. You can unsubscribe! I don’t actually send newsletters often enough to bother people. Probably not a good thing business wise, but then…that;s okay too. Life is more important than a newsletter today. 

The answers you receive…well, they are cute. They are about how to balance the most dominant dosha occurring at the time.

Why make it like this? There are all sorts of ways to work with a dosha quiz and Ayurveda. In my first consultation with people, it is always all about what arrives in the door, at that moment.

So as you click on the link…its like opening a door to yourself. You have arrived. 

The paradox of any dosha quiz is?

We already know the answer; we just dont believe it! 

The Dosha Life quiz is here.  December, 2020.

Let’s Om it. x 

The Dosha Life Quiz is powered by Prana, my Dharma and TheDoshaLife.

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