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The sacred ordinary is here to stay.


The sacred of ordinary, its here to stay.

Events are exciting for the teachers as a way to bring forward more of what they are passionate about.

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For students events, masterclasses and workshopss are a way to immerse and digest the teachings, leaving the busy life of home behind for a short while.

Events are an essential time out. And how bad? A do-able and fantastic way to cover the ground as we set off on an escape in real time and a retreat to ‘me time’. A two hour break inner break, and put on the brakes, can leave a lasting feeling of inner change and connection for the week ahead.

Health. Freedom. Wellness. Timelessness. Space. Inner communication. Silence.

If any of those words jump out at you, then come and experience what Ayurveda and Yoga can provide for you in a short space of time. I promise it can lead you into endless freedoms.

Kelly Marie Mills works  at Setu Studio, Clarenbridge, County Galway with Yoga and Ayurveda to awaken the Unity of your mind, body and heart.

When we discover our destination, the correct map shall arrive. Click here for the link for her upcoming events

next up April 11, 2021 Masterclass on Sleep, dreams and drive. 90 minutes of bliss.

Go gently,

Kelly and The Dosha Life podcast x

Om Shanti Om


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